Frontline- Digital_nation

This video was very interesting to watch because I have very mixed opinions on this subject.  Can we actually multitask?  I, along with everyone on this earth, believe that I can multitask well and keep track of everything I need to.  However, I did once hear from a professor that multitasking is not real and it can not be done like we think.  This idea of multitasking in this sense has come from this new digital age.  Technology has made a huge impact on the lives of every type of person.  However, technology has created distractions for students, teachers, and others.

I think the idea of this “different world” mentioned in the first chapter of this video is insane.  We shouldn’t have to label our technology use as being in a different world.  Even though I do believe this is what it feels like, we shouldn’t give in to the social media and emails to the extent of making it a different world.  One of the men in the video described wanting to be able to press pause on the show of life.  This can’t happen.  Technology makes us become so caught up in what is happening in the moment and on our screens, that we can’t see what the result is.

A student in the video mentioned that over half her life exists in the virtual world.  This is very true for most people now.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be a horrible thing though.  The virtual world is a very convenient place to store documents, schedules, emails, pictures, etc.  This is why people may say over half their lives are in the virtual world.  It is just how our society has become, and that is okay.  I believe we have to evolve with the technology that is growing.

Going back to multitasking, the students and professors at MIT have very different view points on this subject.  The professors explained that because of all of these distractions, they arent using the most effective way to study or learn.  One of the professors stated that he believes students are doing themselves a disservice by giving in to this multitasking world. On the other hand, the students said that the professors should accept that they are “fully” capable of multitasking and keeping track of everything.  Overall, I believe that we do need to find a way to “multitask” with the virtual world, however we shouldn’t give in to its distractions (especially while learning). We can’t hide from this “world” that is here/coming, we have to embrace it and fit it into our lives in a way that doesn’t cause distractions in a terrible way.




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