Edreach podcast channels!

I haven’t had much experience with podcasts before but I do find them very interesting.  My church has a podcast every Sunday so that if you are not able to attend service, you can listen online.  I’ve always thought that was very convenient and helpful but I did not know many other podcasts before having to look at a few this week.  I looked at the podcast website Edreach.  This website caught me at first glance because of the way their website is set up. It is very engaging and includes a lot of different podcast channels.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 2.58.31 PM

I explored a few different channels within this podcast website.  The first was called “Chalkles”.  This channel isn’t exactly a podcast but it was still cool to look at.  It includes different comic like drawings about school related things such as plagiarism, common errors, and blended learning.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 3.12.20 PM

Another channel I looked at was “The Google Educast”.  I listened to their podcast “Google’s self-driving classroom”.  They started out by explaining that google plus is not dying and it never was.  They said that it is a great place for sharing ideas with other teachers.  An interesting point they made was that although facebook is a great place as well, it isn’t that great for the media because it is more for people “hanging out with their friends”.  They talked about twitter but how it is still growing and it isn’t the end of it all.  Taking a turn in their conversation, they started talking about the new google self driving car.  Is this the future for school busses? They can stop pedestrians, and interpret hand signals.  I’m not quite sure if they have completely gotten me on this topic but they have intrigued me to learn more about these self-driving cars that are apparently coming.  One of the men on the podcast said that he thinks that these self-driving cars should be the future of school buses because they are much safer… I guess we’ll see about that.

Towards the end they have a “tips and tricks section”.  Today they talked about switching between windows and applications.  Apparently there are easier ways that I did not know about before listening to this podcast.  You can simply use command+tab to switch between applications.  This is very useful if you are doing a presentation.  I actually tried this out while I was listening to the podcast and it was a very useful skill to learn.  Overall, this was a very useful podcast channel to come across.  I am looking forward to listening to more podcasts from “The Google Educast”.

Are podcasts something I will use for professional learning in the future?

Yes, after exploring a few different podcasts today I believe that they are useful for gaining more knowledge on teaching or any other subject that you may come across.  These podcasts seem like they would be a great way to spend time in a long, rush hour traffic drive to work or class.  Some podcasts are more entertaining than others and I will be looking more into them.  Podcasts are more of an informal learning process but they still provide really good information.  I have learned this through the google podcast site especially because they discussed things google provides that are useful.



One thought on “Edreach podcast channels!

  1. You picked a great one. The Google tools are consistently changing and the take full advantage of the changes you need to stay informed. The Google Educast is a great way to keep up;)

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