Extracurricular Empowerment- a video promoting technological creativity

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One of the major questions that this Ted video asked was how we get the amazingly creative extracurricular use of technology to be curricular.  This question really sparked my interest in this subject.  After Scott McLeod described so many specific individuals doing different things on the internet I realized that there is so much potential for students and children to show their creativity through these resources.  One story that really impressed me was the one about a 13 year old girl who has 27 written stories on Fanfiction.net and has received many review on them.  Children have made documentaries, videos, magazines, apps, and all of these products have received millions of likes and views.

All of these children are just normal, every day students that have been given the empowerment and opportunity to create these amazing things.  They may have to experiment and play around to find what really works for them but these children have actually used their internet “inventions” for good.  The girl who started a blog about the school lunches used the money to help those with food insecurities.  These blogs and youtube videos may not interest everyone, but they are a way to help children express themselves.  I think it is amazing that some of these children can make videos that are so powerful at such a young age.  They may not know exactly what they’re doing but they are able to explore the internet world that is so prevalent in society now.

To go back to the main question that Scott asked during his video, how do we make this extracurricular activity also curricular?  This is a perfect opportunity for teachers because they have the power and resources available to teach and show their students the endless uses of technology.  The video stated that we need to give them something meaningful to work on having to do with technology, get out of their way so that they can creatively explore, and we need to provide them with the resources to be able to do all of this.  If teachers assign projects and assignments that require the use of their students creativity and technology, we can really create a technology infused classroom.

Some may not believe that technology should be used so fully in the lives of students or even in schools, but we have to adapt to the way our society is growing.  Lives don’t have to be fully revolved around technology.  Technology can’t be ignored because of the endless amounts of opportunities that it provides us with.  It is only going to get more prevalent in our lives so as teachers we should really embrace the opportunities it provides for our students.


This attached picture at the top is from the video.  I really enjoyed the words on the slide because they describe these children that have used technology to express themselves and help others.




2 thoughts on “Extracurricular Empowerment- a video promoting technological creativity

  1. I agree Emma that the greatest point about this video was that teachers get the power to incorporate technology into the classroom. I also like your term “technology infused classroom”. The kid that impressed me the most was the young boy who sold his app to yahoo for 30 million dollars. I only wish that could have been me. Great post!

  2. Awesome post…thank you:) thanks for include the image from Scott’s presentation…characteristics of successful learners. Students need a variety of opportunities to express themselves and be creative in school. Allowing students to have the freedom to determine how they demonstrate what they have learned is priceless! I tend to start helping teachers integrate tech by targeting their summit be assessments. We determine the goals/objectives to be met, create a checklist or rubric to measure the goals/objectives and provide choice of what they can create…we get out of their way:)

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