“Generation Like”

The Frontline video “Generation Like” was the most eye opening thing i’ve seen in a while.  I am a social media person myself, however I had no idea the depth people go to get the attention they do on the internet.  The people avidly using social media and the internet are getting younger and younger because of what is available now.  With that said, teachers of all levels should be very aware of what is going on in the internet world.  To keep up with society and understand what students are getting into outside of the classroom, teachers need to know what is out there.

A very interesting thing the video talked about is how having an internet presence gives kids a sense of empowerment.  When face-to-face someone might look at you funny or weird but when you’re on the internet no one can tell you what you can and can’t say.  The Social Web is a place where kids can do and post whatever they want and other people watching will love it. This gives kids that empowerment, attention, and validation that they were striving for. Being famous for what they’re doing on the internet is worth a lot more than actual money.

As a teacher, understanding this Social Web that our students are apart of is very important.  Being aware of the different things that they are looking at will help us understand our students more.  “Likes”, “follows”, “retweets”, and “reblogs” mean more to students than we might realize and this effectives them in the classroom.  Understanding their social internet world will give teachers outlets and ideas to relate back to the students. To reach the students more effectively, teachers can intertwine these social media aspects in their lessons to keep kids alert and interested.  This social web is becoming so popular with kids and is a very important part of their lives and this is why teachers need to understand it for themselves.

Overall, the social media world is growing insanely fast but there is no way of stopping it.  We have to adapt to this world that our students are now apart of and dying for attention through.  It is an easy way to relate and keep the students interested in learning.  By understanding the internet world, teachers can also help to keep their students safe from what is out there.

To watch this video Generation Like and see how intense kids really are about social media click here: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/generation-like/


2 thoughts on ““Generation Like”

  1. Great post:) thank you for indicating that understanding the social web is important and goes a long way when getting to know your students. Incorporating likes, follows, retweets, etc into your class might motivate some students and help you have conversations when a student does not get many likes…kids need to learn it is okay. Our LMS at FCCPS is Schoology, and it has a like system to posts and discussion boards. Many systems have rating systems for posting…which is great.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog post! It is very true that people feel more comfortable saying things online (via comments, emails, and even texts) and this is true for teens as well as adults. After watching Generation Like, I remember Tyler Oakley saying that things that may not be “cool” to do or like in person are seen as “cool” online. I found this comment to be very interesting. Since everything becomes “cool” online and on social media, we as teachers should take advantage of it. By implementing social media into the classroom, we can make the material cool and exciting. Like you stated, we need to stay current with technology to keep our students interested and to be able to understand where they are coming from.

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