Edudemic- A very useful blog to explore!

I explored the blog Edudemic: connecting education & technology.  The first post I started to read really pulled me in to exploring the entire site.  This post was titles “How Do We Teach Digital Literacy to Digital Natives?”  I didnt exactly understand what they meant by this at first but then as I started to read I fully agreed.  Our generation has grown up with technology by our sides.  We are so used to “googling” anything and everything.  This is a very useful tool to use but when it comes to knowledgeable and factual information, we need something more reliable than that and that involves better skills. Our generation could be considered “digital natives”, however we don’t know how to use anything beyond the simple and fun aspects to technology.  This post gave some ideas on how to teach digital literacy.  There was one statement at the end that I really enjoyed, “It is our job as educators and content producers to encourage kids to be capable, global citizens in a digital age” (CJ Kettler).  We should be teaching our students to use technology in useful ways, not just because it is there.

Another part of the blog I REALLY enjoyed was the page on The Best Education Technology Resources.  You can click on different sections of this blog that are categorized by “best apps for iOS, best apps for Android, best apps for the tablet, best apps for teacher’s laptop, etc.”  Since there are so many apps out there now, this post is so useful to find the best ones to use in a classroom for the devise that each teacher may have.

This blog is complete with sections and links for students, for teachers, the best edtech, and the teacher’s guides.  I will definitely be bookmarking this blog to keep as a future resource!


One thought on “Edudemic- A very useful blog to explore!

  1. This looks like a great resource to use for future educators like us! It also seems to really relate to our class. Thanks for sharing this great website! 🙂

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