Edudemic- A very useful blog to explore!

I explored the blog Edudemic: connecting education & technology.  The first post I started to read really pulled me in to exploring the entire site.  This post was titles “How Do We Teach Digital Literacy to Digital Natives?”  I didnt exactly understand what they meant by this at first but then as I started to read I fully agreed.  Our generation has grown up with technology by our sides.  We are so used to “googling” anything and everything.  This is a very useful tool to use but when it comes to knowledgeable and factual information, we need something more reliable than that and that involves better skills. Our generation could be considered “digital natives”, however we don’t know how to use anything beyond the simple and fun aspects to technology.  This post gave some ideas on how to teach digital literacy.  There was one statement at the end that I really enjoyed, “It is our job as educators and content producers to encourage kids to be capable, global citizens in a digital age” (CJ Kettler).  We should be teaching our students to use technology in useful ways, not just because it is there.

Another part of the blog I REALLY enjoyed was the page on The Best Education Technology Resources.  You can click on different sections of this blog that are categorized by “best apps for iOS, best apps for Android, best apps for the tablet, best apps for teacher’s laptop, etc.”  Since there are so many apps out there now, this post is so useful to find the best ones to use in a classroom for the devise that each teacher may have.

This blog is complete with sections and links for students, for teachers, the best edtech, and the teacher’s guides.  I will definitely be bookmarking this blog to keep as a future resource!


Quest 2 Learn

The video Digital Media* New Learners of the 21st Century explored different learning programs that centered around this new digital media age with increased technology.  This video caught my attention from the beginning because they explained that children love embracing change, especially with this move towards increased technology.  One quote that really stuck out to me was that if we “teach them the way we taught them yesterday, we rob them of tomorrow.”  This is very true because technology is only going to grow and these children have the opportunity to create new and better ways of life.  Teachers can’t hold children back because they need to be able to explore this side of society.

One program that the video explored was Quest 2 Learn in  New York.  This is a school where the lessons and focus is solely on technology and games.  It is a school for digital kids.  These students learn by creating games for their peers.  At first I didn’t quite agree that this should be their only way of learning, however they mentioned that they take typical school subjects and create new ways to look at it. One example I really liked was when they showed students making new ways to visualize classic fables.  These children were creating games and digital stories to interpret fables that normals students are just reading in a book.  This program forces students to think out of the box with typical standards of learning.  They are encouraged to create video games which is just problem solving to help them learn.

Even though I do like a lot of the aspects in this program, I don’t believe that this should be their only school setting.  Maybe they could go as much as three times a week to this school and then have a more traditional school setting for the other two days.  Everyone needs structured, pencil and paper schooling as well.  I did like how they changed the names of the typical school subjects to creative new names such as: Science is labeled “Beings, Space, and Places.”  This helps students stay creative since it is everywhere in their atmosphere.  I did also like how they have system based thinking, these students have to learn by trial and error.  These students also have to study because in order to create or beat a game they need to learn.  Overall, this was a very intriguing program to hear about.  I liked and agreed with a lot of the aspects that they incorporate.  However, I’m not sure if this is too much at this time and what these students will end up like.  I do think it is a great start to incorporating this recently rapid increase in technology into lives.